Our Story

Our Story

Our company is named after the famous Mont Ventoux from the legendary bicycle race, the Tour de France. Known for being one of the great levellers, Mont Ventoux is regarded as a defining obstacle that either makes or breaks a competitor. The mountain does not discriminate, nor does it let its competitors take short-cuts and most of all, it insists that to be successful in its ascension, the competitor must be the best, highlighting their true character and ambition. We think this is a great metaphor for our team here at Ventoux Watches. Each and every person is the best at what they do and are all amazing people.

After sourcing numerous quality watches, it was obvious to us that the purchasing of a quality watch, for many, was a one-off event and the expectation would be that the user has to wear this same watch everywhere, or not at all. For example, wearing an expensive watch does not suit all the environments and activities we love to participate in. Therefore, these expensive watches are only worn for business meetings or on special occasions.

We love watches so much we want everyone to have the same experience of having their very own collection. A range of watches as widely varied as the activities you love and all those who wear them.

With this is mind, it occurred to us that rather than sourcing a range of watches that for many would be too expensive, we decided to design and work with partners from new relationships forged, and develop our own range of watches at affordable prices to suit this market niche. 

Therefore we have paired with the finest watch manufacturers, where the emphasis is placed with the end in mind. Working backwards by firstly understanding our target market, their personalities, and their activities, we brief our manufacturers and collaboratively work with them to design a watch to suit this individual.

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