Introducing... SYDNEY

Introducing... SYDNEY

There’s barely a direction in the Harbour city you can look that doesn’t capture some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. From the glistening waterways to the magnificent architecture and vibrant streets of the city, Sydney has captured the imaginations of many a traveller who has embarked on the adventurous task of exploring and discovery.

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The city that originally was known to us as home, is a place that will always be special, and which has left the longest lasting impression. Therefore, to celebrate this metropolis of ours, we wanted to create a watch that epitomizes this beautiful city and pay homage to the friendly and generous community by developing a watch that is elegant, fashionable and classy. The result is our first female timepiece named, SYDNEY.

Each of our watch collections are inspired by certain parts of the world that are synonymous with that location, and to keep each watch as unique as the city that they are named after, they will remain as limited editions, and be certified accordingly.

Each of our watches are Australian designed with our founder’s vision and Creative Department’s flair. To ensure that the prices maintain the best value-for-money for Ventoux Watches’ customers, we have engaged with our industry contacts overseas to manufacture each piece to our strict Quality Assurance guidelines.

Luxurious looking with eye-catching appeal, the SYDNEY offers bespoke curvatures inspired by the sweeping harbour channels and sails along the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Harbour, Opera House, Sydney, Watch, Womens Watch, Female Fashion

By owning and wearing one of our distinctive, Australian-inspired models, we welcome you to contribute to our enthusiasm.

It’s the closest thing to being there.


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